Our Story

Dixie Darlin' was established in spring 2013 by Taylor Kenyon-Shelhamer. Growing up on a small farm in north central Florida she learned early in life that "country" is in fact a way of life. Even though living the country lifestyle can be messy she felt it still was not an excuse to look and feel your best. Taylor had been growing increasingly tired of having to wear a “ladies tee” which actually translated into a men’s pink t-shirt when out in the woods, or on the water. Then one weekend while at mud fest with her husband and friends, inspiration hit! Riding around in a rhinestone camo hat and polka dot mud boots she realized there wasn’t anything exclusively for ladies living the country lifestyle. That was the moment when the brand Dixie Darlin’ was born.

Dixie Darlin' is an authentic country lifestyle brand geared exclusively towards country women. This brand is embodied by the various traits the country lifestyle has to offer which includes the Farm Girls, Huntresses, Fishers, Cowgirls, Southern Belles, and Rednecks.

Within a three month span of releasing this brand publicly we cleared well over 4,200 likes on Facebook alone. During this short time frame we also secured our first wholesale account which allowed our brand into a brick and mortar retail location very early. In addition, our online sales have reached across the Mason Dixon, and to our surprise even internationally! You can find Dixie Darlin’ all the way north into Canada, and as far down as Australia!

With the help of her supportive family the Dixie Darlin' team works hard to maintain a superior level of customer service, as well as consistently creating an innovative line of quality apparel that they are proud to share.

Our mission began with creating a cute clothing line that has blossomed into so much more. We hope to encourage all women that being a Dixie Darlin’ is a standard they can take pride in. With our slogan “All Class No Trash” we are essentially the new southern belles of this generation… just with a little more sass and spunk.

Remember it doesn't matter if you're south of the Mason Dixon, if your heart belongs in Dixie you are a Dixie Darlin'!